Why Choose Canada?

Canada is a multicultural country attracting many people from all over the world. We are here to assist you to reach your goals and dreams. For many years, Canada has been identified as one of the best countries to live and be prosperous. Canada offers insurmountable harmony, indisputable rights and freedom, unassailable healthy environment, unparalleled high standard of living, superb education system, a fair and just legal environment for business investment with enormous opportunities, and a generous package of social benefits to its citizens and permanent residents. Every year, there are about 300,000 new immigrants settling in Canada and making Canada their new homes. Moreover, there are over 100,000 international students seeking education in Canada, may it be in primary or high school, or colleges or universities, many of them have intentions to remain in Canada after their graduation and to seek permanent resident status. Not to mention, there are also many others coming from trouble areas of the world, or with personal reasons, seeking refugee or protected person status in Canada. Furthermore, there are the foreign workers qualified under various programs eligible for entry into Canada to work, and most of them also would like to seek permanent resident status as well.

While Canadian Federal, Provinces and Territories, and Quebec having over 60 different options suitable for various applications for immigration, selecting the right stream and category that is most suitable would be vital to your success.


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